Acunetix is a Fully automated Black-box, Gray-box, Client-side, and Out-of-band web application scanner with one consolidated view.

It can be installed On-Premise (Standard and Enterprise) or access Online (Enterprise)

Key Features:

  • Black-box, Gray-box, Out-of-band testing
  • Highly accurate, wide test coverage (4500+ web application vulnerabilities)
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Issue Tracker integration and WAF Virtual Patching
  • No dependencies, easy to set-up
  • Web-based console
  • Extensible, highly scalable

What Acunetix can do for you

  • Crawler analyzes entire Target starting from a URL, mapping out the entire structure.
  • The scanner then tests pages found for vulnerabilities.
  • Reports on vulnerabilities found and provide remediation

Acunetix can be used in:

  • Vulnerability Scanner
  • Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Security
  • Website Security Scanner
  • Enterprise Feature
  • External Vulnerability Scanner
  • Network Security Scanner
  • WordPress Vulnerability Scanner