Aksyon Sentral

Aksyon Sentral is an Incident management and data aggregator platform that can be used in sending and responding to incidents, inquiries, feedbacks, complaints and others. Incidents are sent by user reporters via mobile app, SMS, web, IOT device and immediately received by the operators in the command center or headquarters where the incidents are aggregated.

Key Features:

Mobile App
– Incident Submission
Submission can be done through mobile app, SMS, web or triggered by IOT sensors

– File Attachment
Images can be uploaded by the reporter and be viewed by the responder

News & Announcements
Viewing of News & announcements posted by the Command Center

Command Center
– Incident Response
Incidents are auto assigned to responders through the workflow management engine

– Map Visualization
Heatmaps and Incident Maps are shown for the summarized view of cases or incidents grouped by its geographical location

– Announcement Blasting
News and announcements can be blasted to the members

– Computer Aided Dispatching System (CADS)
Assets are dispatched with automated selection

– Reports
Realtime and Exportable reports of incidents

– Dashboard
Summary view of the reported incidents

– Search
Search engine for incidents through different filters

It is used in a variety of business cases such as:

– Disaster management
– Building/ Property Management
– Incident Management
– Case Management
– Customer or Company Support
– Survey Management
– Feedback Management
– Asset Dispatching
– Others