8Layer continues to hone its technical edge as the number of certified professionals under it increases. The latest passer is 8Layer’s Technical consultant, Eskie Cirrus James Maquilang who took the Blockchain Expert Certification from Blockchain Council. This another certification completes the line-up of Blockchain professional of 8Layer which consist of certified Blockchain Developers, Blockchain Architect, and Blockchain Expert.

A Certified Blockchain Expert according to Blockchain Council “is a professional who understands Blockchain technology profoundly and can build Blockchain-based applications for businesses.” Passing the different blockchain certifications was a sure indication of the team’s capability which in return ensures that the company remains competitive and on the cutting-edge when it comes to latest technology such as Blockchain.

Francis Al Victoriano, 8Layer’s Chief Technology Officer affirms, “8Layer is thrilled to offer Blockchain solutions that will help organizations, especially our local government to address their IT needs. We believe in the potential of Blockchain Technology and we hope that many organizations benefit from it.”

Maquilang, share his experience in taking the exam for Blockchain Expert Certification, “The learning was great giving me not just overview but the details on how the bitcoin works from its headers, transactions, security, and more.”

“When talking about transparency, immutability, decentralize, and integrity, Blockchain is the right choice of technology.”

He also shares some of the benefits of blockchain and why organization should invest on it, “When an organization value data’s integrity BlockChain is mostly the solution. Applications like Identity/User Management, Document Tracking System, Data Sharing and Asset Management is mostly valuable to the organization. Not just that, if they wanted to be resilient then Blockchain offers distributed solution that will hold your data in different places. The keywords to look at when using BlockChain are Immutable, Distributed, and Secure.”

With the many benefits of blockchain, it’s high time to seriously consider adopting it to your organization.