Few days after getting his Incident handler certification from EC-Council, Mr. Francis Al Victoriano, Chief Technology Officer of 8Layer Technologies,Inc. passed another certification exam which is the Certified Blockchain Developer v2 from Blockchain Council. To know more about the program, visit blockchain-council.org.

A Certified Blockchain Developer according to Blockchain Council is a  professional who understands Blockchain technology profoundly and can build Blockchain-based applications for businesses. As Chief Technology Officer of 8Layer, Al is in charge in the development of most of the company’s projects which includes applications that utilize blockchain technology and encryption.

“Studying for Blockchain certification is  different compare when I studied for E|CIH.  It’s more on self-study unlike with E|CIH where I have to attend training class. And the real challenge with self study is making time out of my busy schedule.” Also, having a free time to choose when to take the exam is exciting, I was so excited that I take it on a whim”, Al said lightly. 

Believing in Blockchain potential since it’s early stage, 8Layer’s core products and services mainly focus in designing and implementing this technology. That’s why it is important to us that our developers and architects are well trained and deeply knowledgeable in Blockchain Technology. It is the only way we can provide high quality products and services to our clients and partners.

8Layer offers solutions with Blockhain Technology in government, finance, supply chain and many others. If you are interested in Blockchain, email us at [email protected] will be glad to help you implement this in your organization.