Some time in 2005, a group of young, talented and innovative individuals took a big step that changed lives. And for sixteen years, amidst the struggles, challenges and even the pandemic, the company continues to grow and expand further, bigger and brighter!

Lead by charismatic chief, Mr. Meric Mara, 8Layer has been sailing in the software architecture industry for sixteen years already. And true enough, as sweet as sixteen, a lot of promising projects and futuristic products were born, paving the way for 8Layer’s business expansions and growth. These expansions are spearheaded by the addition of Agricultural Business, strengthening cybersecurity programs in the team, and most specially, opening bigger spaces for comfortable office experience for all employees.

On January 23, 2021, on the height of the new era brought by living with the pandemic, 8Layer is opening doors to new adventures through a ceremonial office blessing and ribbon cutting. A newer and fresher office look invites productivity and inspiration to both employees and clients and promotes healthy office relations. At the same day, 8Layer’s homegrown and newest products will be launched. Demos, discussions and network expansion will take place, leading to bigger business circle for 8Layer.

Growth will never stop. As celebration of continuous growth of the team, expansions are always dedicated to the most needing communities of the Philippines. Inspirations will be drawn, services will be spawned. That is 8Layer.

Be more, Be Useful, Be of Service.