December came as a very busy month for the geekineers as project deadlines are all due and a lot of new engagements are on its way. But however busy the schedules are, we still find ways to celebrate the festivities with parties and other activities that would give wonderful memories to the yuletide season.

Geekineers Stole Christmas

This year, Geekineers chose to hold its Christmas Party outside its headquarters to have a change of ambience and experience; and the Sky High Bar at Ace Water Spa was the venue.

December 21st 7pm – Geekineers, interns and some guests arrived at the venue in their brightly colored clothes with smiles in their faces and ready to party the night away. Even before the program started, everyone was already engaged in chitchatting with one another; exchanging greetings, jokes, and stories while drinking few bottles and glasses of beer and wine. It was also such a delight to see the ladies and gentlemen were all dressed-up vying for the star of the night title.

At around 8pm, the program started with a simple prayer for thanksgiving and blessings that 2018 had. To set and ignite the party mood, the talented interns gave their production numbers beginning with a song number followed by a very sizzling dance number by Ms. Rynee who left the crowd clamouring for more dance numbers. Because of the high energy set by Rynee, a dance showdown was suddenly being challenged to anyone in the audience who wants to compete with a huge pot money prize awaiting the winner. Francis, Kim, Rynee and Joy were the contenders for the showdown and each one of them danced intensely with different moves gliding with the beat of the music. Not being part of the contenders and as the emcee in the background, Edwin Perez just did some sensual moves in the end of the showdown and surprisingly, everyone in the audience was cheering and rooting for him. Consequently, Edwin and Francis became the finalist as they got the biggest applause from the audience. Edwin was eventually declared as the winner while Francis was the runner-up. Now, that is what we called audience impact. A novice dancer can beat a professional dancer if he/she can charm the audience to like it. 9

The dinner then started as everyone was already starving. More chitchatting and merry making while enjoying the sumptuous food. After everyone was full, the party continued with games and raffles. The exchanging of gifts then followed with more raffles. Then the ladies and gents were requested to do a catwalk and best pose in front for the selection of star of the night award. Everyone showcased their style of modelling in different ways specifically the hackers who were really funny. In the end, it was Angel Ctlulu and Joy Bautista who bagged the King and Queen of the night awards.

The last but not the least activity was the awarding of the special awards for the employees. Loyalty award was presented to Mr. Edwin Perez for his long years of service with the company and the Rookie of the Year was presented to Mr. Eliezer Rabadon for his exemplary contribution and achievements among the new employees of the company. We hope that we will have more awardees next year.

The program ended with the Major prize of the Raffle won by Anfernee, the new trainee of Maralabs. It was a night full of laughter, dancing, singing, eating and drinking for everyone present. Geekineers certainly know how to work hard and party hard.

Christmas Outreach Program

December 28 – Geekineers prepared loot bags, food, prizes, donations for the orphans of Children’s Joy Foundation at Project 8, Quezon City. It was part of the initiative of giving back to the community and sharing blessings to the needy. Mr. Richard Albusino, or Bogs, as he is fondly called, together with his team started the program a magic and puppet show that got the kids watched with amazement giggle with joy. The children were very eager to participate in the games and the magic show. One can easily tell through their eyes that they are happy and content.

The highlight of the program were the performances of these children who were so talented in singing, playing instruments and dancing. In fact, we were incredibly delighted at what we had seen. These kids were unexpectedly good. One of the girls also played the violin so well that made the audience wanted to come back for more. The finale was the surprise birthday song and greeting for our chairman, Meric Mara who will be celebrating his birthday on New Year’s day. After the candle blowing and wishes, the kids approached each one of us and hugged us. The heartfelt song and the warm hug from these kids touched our hearts and left us teary-eyed.

Everyone went back feeling happy and satisfied that in our little ways, we were able to share something to these kids. Seeing the smile in their faces, watching them perform and spending time with them is priceless. It gives more purpose to our lives and inspires us to be a blessing to others.