Last Tuesday, September 18, 2018 almost 300 hundred students, professionals, and FOSS and CyberSecurity enthusiast gathered in Quezon City for Software Freedom Day 2018. 8Layer Technologies Inc. has been hosting this annual event since 2008. This year, 8Layer invited students and teachers from different schools across Metro Manila and professionals from different fields. This year’s theme “FOSStering CyberSecurity” focus not only on Open Source Softwares but also on how they can be use in securing the CyberWorld. To top it off, the annual SFD celebration is set back to back with a reggae party.

The event started with a short prayer from one of the OJTs of 8Layer followed by Philippine National Anthem which was headed by Willy Silorio, one of the emcee that afternoon.

8Layer’s Chaiman, Meric Mara gives an introduction about Software Freedom Day and CyberSecurity. Wherein he told some of the importance of celebrating and using Free and Open Source Softwares (FOSS), as well as the highlights of previous SFD celebrations. He also talks about the 8Layer’s and Kalasag’s future plans and projects related to CyberSecurity and FOSS.

After the introduction about SFD and CyberSecurity, the event continue with the first topic which is about Social Engineering presented by the youngest member of Kalasag, CyberSecurity Researcher Angel Ctulhu. In his talk he discuss how hackers can easily manipulate their targets into disclosing confidential information. There were scenarios and videos presented to the audience showcasing social engineering techniques and how victims especially teenagers easily fall prey to this kind of online attack. Before ending his presentation, Angel leaves his audience some reminders and suggestions so they won’t fall victim to social engineering.

The next talk was delivered by Edmar Diaz who showcase his talent in web and mobile application development by talking about React Native. In his presentation, he demonstrate how to create simple mobile app using the JavaScript Library, React Native. Audience, especially students are hooked by his demonstration and even participate by asking interesting questions.

Kalasag’s security researcher, Eliezer Rabadon who was recognise by Facebook as one of their white hat hacker of 2018 discussed Blockchain after Edmar Diaz’ talk. Eli informed the audience about how blockchain technology works and the possible impact it will have for the community.

8Layer’s CTO Al Francis talks about Web Application Security, wherein he discussed sample web attacks and process of protecting website and online services against different security threats. He also demonstrate how to hack a web application using sql injection and leave recommendations for everyone.

After the web hacking demonstration, Kalasag core member Jonelle Castañeda talks about introduction to software defined radio which is basically about car hacking. This last but definitely the most intriguing topic of the day caught not only audience curiosity but also their concerns. After the car hacking demonstration, where Jonelle shows to audience how a software can mimic the car’s keyless entry system, there are some people from the audience who voice their thoughts about it and some are even bothered by their car’s security.

Aside from the talks and live demonstrations, there were also games/contests with lots of prizes from different sponsors during the event. Audience are delightful and clearly having fun while learning so much about interesting and timely topics related to F/OSS and CyberSecurity.

Thank you so much to our sponsors and partners (Maralabs, Kalasag, Starmobile, Melicious Bistro, UR Solution, FUNDR, Inventiv media, White Toothfairy, Ooh La La Alamang, Billy James Fitness Center, The Zen Institute, H&WB Asia Pacific (Pte Ltd) Corporation, C Studio, Nene Prime Foods, RCMD, and Lao Brothers) who help make this event possible and successful.

8Layer Technologies Inc, hopes that attendees of Software Freedom Day 2018 : FOSStering CyberSecurity not only enjoy the event but also practice what they have learned from all the talks and speakers. Let’s all build CyberSecurity awareness and advocate Free and Open-Source Technology.

For more photos of Software Freedom Day 2018, check out 8Layer’s FB page.