It has always been the aim of 8Layer Technologies to have a team of blockchain certified developers and architects. It is with great pride to say that our technical team has both passed the blockchain architect and blockchain developer certifications respectively this month. Our chairman, Mr. Meric B. Mara, who is among the first Red Hat Certified Engineer in the country has passed the blockchain architect certification by Blockchain Council. While our CTO, Al Francis Victoriano, together with other technical engineers, have passed the Blockchain Developer Certification.

With these certifications, our team is more than confident to immerse in the blockchain technology and provide blockchain ready solutions to our clients that would benefit their businesses and institutions. We can recommend and apply blockchain where it is appropriate. As Mr. Mara quotes, “We have different types of Blockchain architecture for every scenario and business requirement. We don’t just design a fixed Blockchain architecture and apply it on any system. We analyze the system requirement and recommend the best suitable Blockchain implementation to achieve Blockchain’s optimal performance in accordance with the system requirement.”

Start blockchaining! Send us an email at [email protected] and we will be glad to help you unleash the benefits and beauty of blockchain in your system.