Recently, there are lots of QRCode systems that have been rolling out in the market. We salute everyone for their initiative as this is vital in solving COVID19 especially to support the contact tracing initiative of our country.

8layer has made some contributions too. First of all, the creation of OneCountry 100 which is the Pandemic Management platform to help LGUs and its CESU in making their lives easy in databasing COVID19 patients. The system gives them a real-time view of their data that helps them in doing strategy to make sure that containment for COVID19 is handled properly. We thank Pasay City and QC for trusting us and giving us an opportunity to be a part of their team. We’re really proud working with you! We are hoping that we can be of help to other LGUs too.

Now, we’ve just launched our new application called OneBalikatan.

OneBalikatan is an app with a Big Data platform that will automate the new normal guidelines mandated by the government to fill up a health declaration form upon entry to any establishment and to record all visitors and employees present every day for the purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing.

The tool is comprised of a mobile app for the general public to use for scanning QR codes upon entering an establishment. Each establishment will have a unique QR code at its entrance which will have its establishment name and address. Upon scanning, the date and time will be recorded in the system, together with the visitor or employee’s details and health status. If a person’s temperature is higher than 38, he/she will be marked as high risk in the system. The mobile app will also have a history of the places that the person had visited.

That’s it for now!

Our team will always be here to innovate and will always be of service to our country. If there are improvements and feedback about our solutions, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to serve you.

By: Meric Mara