It was a night full of fun, drinking, partying, and award-giving for 8Layer and Maralabs as we celebrate this year’s Christmas Party with the Comic-Hero Themed.  This year was made more special because it was a joint party with Mulat Media plus a lot of guests from the media industry.  We had 3 groups of companies competing for the Christmas Decoration contest as well as the production number performance. 

December 20 started with gift-giving in the morning; after such a fulfilling activity, everyone was excited waiting for the evening’s Christmas party.  At around 6 pm, guests start arriving, food and drinks are ready and music already filled the air.  Holiday ambiance can be felt everywhere.   Everyone then changed into their comic character costume and readily posed for their winning photo for judging of the Best In Costume later.   

Best Costume Award

To set the party mood, the drinking contest was begun with the participants from different teams.  Drinking relays of cocktails and beers got everyone cheering and rooting for the contestants.  Both ladies and gentlemen, drinkers and non-drinkers joined to win the prize.  The crowd went wild as the prize went higher and higher.   

The party continued with raffles and awarding of the Best Employees and other recognition awards.  Some winners of the raffles chose to donate their prize or give to another recipient; such a heart-warming Christmas spirit abounds.   

The much-awaited announcement of the winner of the Christmas Decor Contest out of recycled materials was finally announced.  The guests were the judges so there won’t be any biases.  And the Best Decor went to Mulat team for its White Christmas theme.  8Layer got the second prize for its IoT enabled the theme and Maralabs got the 3rd prize for its Marawi theme. 
The Best in Costume then was judged based on the photos taken earlier and the winner went to Carlos the Spiderman, Joy the Poison Ivy, and JR the Wakanda. 

The last activity was the production number with a showdown of dance numbers.  8Layer took the grand prize with the quiet and introverted Edison showcasing his talent in break dancing, it was a close-fight with Jervin of Mulat Media who was a natural dancer with groovy moves. 
The party continued with singing, more drinking, and merry-making.

Thank you to all our visitors, sponsors, partners and clients for making our 2019 a blast!