Website and system security is one of the most critical yet often times overlooked part of software development. With the rampant use of botnets for malicious attacks, security experts are getting more vigilant in implementing security layers to shield the online website’s vulnerability against intrusion and attacks.

AksyonShield is created to be a shielding layer that provides security and encryption to Web applications that will secure them from DDOS attacks and from unauthorized access of intruders. It is installed on top of the application layer so that any access on the application goes through AksyonShield first. AksyonShield will prevent the attacks to go to the application and can instantly block an attack; thus, making it impossible to destroy the website and its contents.

AksyonShield provides DDOS Attack Prevention service applications or systems and protects it from DDOS attacks and from being hacked. The service guarantees the uptime of the server all the time.

AksyonShield Attack Map

A visual map of the sites with the AksyonShield service is also available for monitoring and visualization of the attacks encountered.

Key Features

• Application and Network Layer DDoS Protection
• DDoS Testing and Simulation
• Layer 3/4 DDoS Protection
• Unmetered mitigation of DDoS to maintain performance and availability
•AksyonShield DDoS Attack Map
• Network Intelligence
• Protection from All Attacks
• Realtime monitoring
• 2 Factor DDoS Protection
• 24/7 Monitoring
• 99% Guaranteed Uptime