8Layer Technologies, Inc. and its daughter company Mara Linux and
Business Solutions, Inc. (MaraLABS, Inc.) have been consistently
connecting partnerships to push their ideals of providing solutions for
many Filipinos, especially in terms of cybersecurity.

One of the latest additions to the growing business family of 8Layer
Tech and MaraLABS is its partnership with ThreatQuotient, a threat
intelligence platform focuses on threat-centric security operations.
Cybersecurity has been one of the primary issues that rose in the new
normal situation, where most Filipinos are doing their activities
online. Partnering with ThreatQuotient, who has a number of
cybersecurity-inclined products, makes the problem less hard to contain,
even when surges of online activities were done.

With ThreatQuotient’s entrance, Threat Intelligence Management, Threat
Hunting, Incident Response, Spear Phishing, Alert Triage and
Vulnerability Management will also be strengthened, thereby tightening
Filipino’s online data security while also taking into consideration
quality user interface.

While strengthening cybersecurity, the Virginia-based company also
entrusted to Maralabs their products for reselling in Philippine
territory. With this partnership, cybersecurity will apparently become a
household term in Philippine online world, a tight and safe measure for

For details on ThreatQuotient, you may access their website thru: