Just this weekend, two of the brightest heads of 8Layer Technologies shared their awesome expertise and ideas to University of Makati students specializing in computer sciences.

With a theme “Powered by Intellect, Driven by Technology”, University of Makati Computer Society organized CCS Codefest 2021, a virtual event of presentations of various software and I.T. related projects from students and partner universities. The event’s main goal is to “[i]ncrease the innovative and creative ideas of the UMak and partner universities students by the presentation of a future professional technology innovator that will [be] beneficial to the community and environment”.

Team 8Layer was represented by Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Mr. Joshua Maquiling, with a discussion on “IT-Preneurship”. In his talk, he shared the main ideas of developing an ICT enterprise and important characteristics of an IT-preneur. He also made 8Layer’s Founder, Mr. Meric Mara, as an example of a successful Filipino IT-preneur, motivating the listeners to continue pursuing their passion and promote innovative solutions for their fellowmen.

After Mr. Maquiling’s encouraging words, Mr. Jonelle Castañeda, 8Layer’s Systems Consultant followed him by discussing “Internet of Things (IOT) Basics: Node-Red”. He presented the use of Node-Red as a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things, in addition to demonstrating its flow and processes. His detailed and step-by-step demo amazed viewers, especially non-IT audiences, leaving them hyped up to learned and listen more to other speakers.

Although short period was given to both Mr. Maquiling and Mr. Castañeda, they have presented enough materials and shared a lot of information that are much useful for present and future IT professionals. Their dedication motivates and attracts more IT students to strive for a technology-based future. Truly, they have exercised 8Layer’s main agenda: “Be more, Be Useful, Be of Service”.