This March 2019, 8layer Technologies Inc. marks its 14th year anniversary since its creation back in 2005. The company was established by its Chairman and CEO, Meric B. Mara. It started off as an open source software development and consultancy company that focused on Autonomic Infrastructure and Telephony solutions.

As the years went by, the team has undergone multiple struggles, difficulties, and unfavorable experiences which they have overcome and embraced. They had to learn how to triumph over rough transitions, employee turnover, and ill-timed projects. They believed that as you go through hardships, you can only truly solve problems when you explore outside your comfort zone. Throughout the years of countless obstacles, they have acquired lessons and solutions which have helped shape their strategies as they implement technical policies in their workplace. They also improved their job application process to ensure that they get men and women who uphold their company values and vision.

Since then, their diligence and hard work made them reach far places and they are proud to say that Team 8layer has grown into a mature and competent team. The company has developed a culture in the local IT industry here in the Philippines where they met remarkable colleagues and friends along the way.

8layer Technologies, Inc. plans to focus on improving their products in the upcoming years as they show continuous gratitude for the unconditional support they have received with the release of products that are related to Big Data (Aksyon Sentral, AGOS) and Cybersecurity (Aksyon Crypt, Aksyon Chain, Aksyon Shield).

Meric Mara, Founder and Chairman of 8Layer Technologies, Inc.

“14 years in the industry is really fun and an enjoyable journey. Geekineers/Team 8layer has evolved towards maturity and growth. As we move forward to achieving our goals, we will continue to innovate for the people. We will continue to improve and advance our capabilities for the trust of our customers and partners. We are committed to fighting for cybersecurity in our country and will keep sharing data to our community and cultivate a new breed and a new era of IT,” states founder Meric B. Mara. “We dedicate our talent to all of you and this country.”

To kick off its anniversary celebration, 8layer Technologies Inc. will host its 6th Kalasag Meet-up, a free seminar on DevOps using Kubernetes, Docker and Kubernetes Security, Human Interface Device (HID) Attacks aka BadUSB and more! The event will be held on March 30, 2019 from 2:00PM-5:00PM. For more information, check the event details from this link.

Congratulations for a marvelous and memorable 14 years, 8layer Technologies, Inc.!