Mr. Francis Al Victoriano, Chief Technology Officer of 8Layer Technologies, Inc. recently passed the EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH v2) exam with flying colors. Al is one of the few people in the Philippines who first took and passed the examination.

A CyberSecurity enthusiast, Al likes to study industry-leading quality track and apply them to his professional work and volunteering projects. Passing the Certified Incident Handler examination is just one of his steps towards ensuring that their process and procedures is of quality standards. He wants to bring recent innovations and research on computer security field to their operations and procedures of incident handling. He believes that by doing so, their CERT team will become more proficient in handling and responding to different security incidents, and they will help more people in the process.

Taking the training and examination for Certified Incident Handler is a fun and learning experience for Al, “I gained new friends and learned many things during my training, not only from the instructor, and the manuals, but also from other trainees who shared their own personal experiences in incident handling”. “Taking the exam is a enjoyable and rewarding experience”, Al said. “I’m not worried about passing the certification, instead I am more excited for it.”

For those who wants to take the exam for certified incident handling, Al has a few pointers he want to share, “just enjoy the experience as there’s so much to learn from those, and if you are aiming for perfect score just like me, I suggest you study well and take it seriously”.

Congratulations Francis Al Victoriano, Certified Incident Handler.