November 6, 2018, 8Layer open its door to students and faculty members of Collegio De Dagupan to take a tour to the OpenSource Museum. To those who are not familiar with our OpenSource museum, it’s a mini museum where OpenSource equipment, infographics, and other OpenSource materials are displayed for educational and historical purposes.

There are two batches of visitors from Collegio De Dagupan – one during the morning session which started around 10 in the morning. This batch is composed of around 30 people, mainly Computer Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering students and few faculty members; while the second batch had their tour around 2 in the afternoon are 89 people which mostly Information Technology students and their advisers. The place is jam-packed with eager students that came all the way from the province of Pangsinan.

The tour was led by one of 8Layer’s employee, Kim John Escalera, who is more than happy to assist and explain to visitors the different equipment on display in the OpenSource Museum.


There were also talks/seminars prepared for students. 8Layer’s Chief Technology Officer, Al Francis discussed Reverse Engineering: Android Malware Analysis, and Web Applications Attack and Defense; while Security Specialist Angel Ctulhu’s talks was about Social Engineering. It’s educational and enjoyable day for everyone.

Here’s a short message from the Head Department of Collegio De Dagupan, Professor Terry Ann Cayabyab.


Thank you so much to everyone from Collegio De Dagupan who visited our OpenSource Museum. I hope you all discovered something interesting and learned from the tour and talks delivered by some of 8Layer’s experts.

To those who want to take a tour to our OpenSource Museum, give us a call (02)706.0501 or send us an email at [email protected].